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  Kyodo News, founded in November 1945 as a nonprofit cooperative organization, is the leading news agency in Asia. Kyodo covers the ever-changing developments in Japan, Asia, and the rest of the world, distributing news around the clock to domestic and overseas news media as well as international organizations and institutions. Most Japanese newspapers and radio-TV stations subscribe to Kyodo.

Supported by membership dues and subscription revenues, Kyodo is completely independent of any government or commercial interests.

  Kyodo has built a reputation as the most reliable, news agency in Japan, distributing not only stories but also photos, graphics, audio and video from a Japanese and Asian perspective.

As part of its news-gathering network, Kyodo maintains bureaus in Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Manila, Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta, New Delhi, Islamabad, Tehran and Baghdad.

Kyodo reporters based in other parts of the world also keep a close watch on Asia-related development.

Additionally, Kyodo has local correspondents in Vladivostok, Ulambator, Dili, Yangon, Kathmandu, Colombo, Dhaka and Kabul.

- Japanese Language Service-

Kyodo has an extensive news-gathering network employing more than 1,000 journalists and operating a worldwide communications system. Member newspapers, radio-TV stations and other subscribers receive an important part of their news from Kyodo. Approximately half of the organization's reporters are posted in Tokyo with the remainder stationed in 41 major capitals throughout the world.

Around the clock, more than 1,000 stories are moved each day, covering politics, economics, finance, industry, city news, international developments, science, sports and culture. Kyodo's in-depth reports on Tokyo markets, which open earlier than any other key market of the world, have consistently proven their worth.

Kyodo's Japanese-language service is distributed to 59 newspapers and 129 radio-TV stations throughout Japan. Kyodo's Japanese- and English-language services reach Japanese diplomatic establishments overseas via the Internet on a real-time basis.

Kyodo also issues a Japanese-language newspaper which is radio-transmitted twice a day to about 1,600 ocean-going ships and fishing boats, remote islands and Japanese communities abroad.

- English Language Service-

Kyodo distributes its English-language news [Kyodo World News Service (KWS)] to Japanese and transnational media on a real-time basis. Subscribers include the head offices and Tokyo bureaus of major newspapers, TV-radio stations and electronic news organization.

KWS covers developments in Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world, sending out more than 200 news items daily. KWS also provides news focus and analysis stories on major developments in Japan, the Asia-Pacific region and the U.S. in addition to a variety of feature stories.

Kyodo issues an English-language version of the radio-transmitted daily newspaper of ships. The English daily, Kyodo News, is aimed at non-Japanese crew members on Japanese-operated oceangoing ships. It keeps them informed of key developments in Asia and the rest of the world.

- Photo Service-

Kyodo employs 90 photographers, two-thirds of them based in Tokyo as well as a staff photographer in Beijing. Local photographers provide images from Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and New York. An average of 180 news and 80 feature photos are distributed daily.

A Kyodo photographer won first prize in the spot news singles category of the 2003 World Press Photo Contest for his coverage of North Korean asylum seekers at the gate of the Japanese Consulate General in Shengyang, China, while Kyodo's exclusive news photo of Northern Alliance tanks entering Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, won the 2002 Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association Award.

Kyodo maintains a huge photo library of more than 12 million images many dating back to the 19th century. More than quarter-million frames have been stored in a digital database since 1995 and can be retrieved through Kyodo's Internet-based "TREASURE" database.

- Broadcasting Media Service-

Kyodo offers text, photo, audio and video services to Japan Broadcasting Corp. (NHK) and 129 key commercial broadcasting stations across Japan.

Broadcasters can receive service on personal computers via either a satellite-based or the Internet-linked 24-hour communications system. Kyodo News Net covers all fields, including politics, city news, international developments and sports.

- Video Service-

Kyodo also provides TV stations with streaming video, including interviews and special events, and produces footage on various topics at the request of local TV stations. Kyodo has installed digital video cameras at its domestic and overseas bureaus to strengthen this service.

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