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Frequently Asked Questions
·  What is it?
·  Why should I subscribe to
·  How do I get it?
·  What can I do with it?
·  How much does it cost?
·  Are there any current subscribers?

·  Can I look before I buy?
·  Who do I contact?

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Frequently Asked Questions about Kyodo's Daily News Service for Hotels

·  What is it?
Kyodo Daily News is a Japanese language news service produced by Kyodo News, Asia's largest news agency. Kyodo news reports appear in every newspaper and are broadcasted on every TV and radio station in Japan. The service comes in two editions: Morning News plus Sports News Edition and Evening Edition. The Morning News plus Sports Edition is updated at 11:30 am (JPN Time). The Evening Edition is updated at 4:30pm (JPN Time). Coverage ranges from politics and business to sports and entertainment. For further information about our company, please click  about KNI.

·  Why should I subscribe to Kyodo Daily News?


Kyodo Daily News stories reach their readers hours faster than satellite-delivered newspapers and often days before they appear in conventional print editions. The reason is that, while satellite-delivered newspapers are transmitted only after the entire paper has been edited and assembled, Kyodo Daily News stories are downloaded one at a time over the Internet immediately after they leave the editor's desk.


Even satellite-delivered newspapers have to go through the process of printing and delivery to subscribers, and in many cases printing plants are located hundreds of miles from hotels and resorts. Since it's delivered over the Internet, however, Kyodo Daily News is available to your guests just minutes after any of our several daily transmissions no matter where you are located. In other words, Kyodo Daily News is available wherever the Internet is, and that's almost every place.


Kyodo's editors select just the most important stories from Japan and compacts them into four to six pages per edition. And they're delivered in a large type format to make them easy on the eyes.

·  How do I get it?
The service is delivered over the Internet in PDF format.
The e-mail delivery is also available upon request.

·  What can I do with it?
Once received you can make as many copies as you need for delivery to your Japanese guests. They can be made available at mealtimes or placed directly in reading lounges or guest rooms.

·  How much does it cost?
The monthly subscription is US$200.

·  Are there any current subscribers?
Yes. We presently provide service to more than two dozen hotels including ANA Hotel, Four Seasons, Hilton establishments, Holiday Inn Surfers Paradise, Hyatt Regency, Intercontinental, Marriott, Princeville Resort, Ritz Carlton, Royal Pine Resort, Rydges Capricorn Resort, Sheraton, Westin Resort to name only a few.
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·  Can I look before I buy?
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Applicants please note:
Only professional organizations such as hotels, travel agencies, embassies, consular offices, book stores, radio and TV stations OUTSIDE JAPAN may subscribe to Kyodo Daily News. The service is not available to individuals.

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·  Who do I contact?

If you'd rather call, our number is 212-508-5440.


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